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Asco takes a comprehensive approach to delivering on sustainability, covering all stages of the asphalt pavement lifecycle. This offers the dual benefit of putting less strain on natural resources, and saving you money as the asset owner.


Our asphalt mixes contain reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). By using bio-oil additives such as Delta S™, we can rejuvenate the proportion of RAP in the mix and improve the performance of the asphalt mix with a polymer modification. By using MacRebur™ – made from 100% recycled material – we can replace some of the petroleum-based bitumen in the mix. Depending on the intended use, other additives can be added to improve the performance and durability of the asphalt. These include PelletPAVE™, a product made from recycled rubber for flexibility and traffic road noise reduction.


When We construct basecourse, we use specialised equipment that remixes the material as it is being laid, resulting in a better distribution of components. This means we need less roller compaction, so that we can construct the basecourse faster and more efficiently, thus being more productive in completing your project. Our rollers are equipped with on-board compaction meters, so that we can consistently deliver optimum results. While laying asphalt, we also ensure that we strengthen the weakest points – where two asphalt surfaces join – by fusing the asphalt together using infrared heaters.


When asphalt has just been laid, we can treat it with BIORESTOR™. This bio-oil penetrates into the top 20mm of the pavement, reducing hardening of the binder at molecular level. It seals the asphalt against contaminants, prevents ravelling and cracking, and dramatically increases the lifespan of the asphalt pavement. In fact, regular BIORESTOR™ treatments can keep asphalt pavement in working order indefinitely.


When asphalt pavement approaches about 10 years of age, you usually see surface profile loss and cracks. At this stage, we can apply SteelGuard™ sealcoat to restore lost profile. With about 60% solids, you don’t need much SteelGuard™ to rejuvenate the surface of asphalt, so that you can get more years of life out of your pavement. 


Asco Asphalt offers you the option to use CoolSeal™, a high-performance asphalt-based sealcoat specially designed to achieve lower surface temperatures through its lighter colour and ability to reflect rather than absorb heat. If used on rooftop car parks, for instance, this can significantly lower air conditioning costs in the building below. Even when used in open ground-level car parks, the lower heat island effect will mean less ambient heat and less air conditioning required by nearby shops, offices or other buildings.

6. reviving END-OF-LIFE ASPHALT 

When asphalt carrying low to medium traffic is reaching the end of its life, with many minor signs of ageing, aggregate loss, cracking and polishing, microsurfacing can in many cases be used to extend its useful life. This saves the cost of replacing the asphalt pavement and avoids the need for new asphalt mix to be used.


At Asco, we reclaim asphalt paving that has reached the end of its useful life. When the surface gets milled, we collect all the RAP and transport it to our manufacturing facility. Here it gets screened and sorted by size. Through our quality process, any material that is not suitable to make asphalt again, gets used in basecourse, so nothing is wasted. The graded material gets a rejuvenation treatment and is then supplemented back into the asphalt manufacture process, ready to be laid again. This completes the product cycle.

Reclaimed asphalt pavement in its raw form.

Reclaimed asphalt being graded for reuse.

Processed reclaimed asphalt, ready to be used in a new mix.