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Safety improvements

Aug 21, 2018

Recent StreetPrintXD safety improvement project completed by Asco Asphalt. StreetPrintXD is a thermoplastic with a unique aggregate-reinforced formula with unprecedented skid resistance of BPN60 offering increased performance and durability in demanding traffic environments. At approx. 2mm thickness StreetPrintXD is installed by a series of 600mm x 600mm sheets which are easily positioned, heated (in essence welded to the asphalt) and then stamped into the asphalt with a range of patterns and reflectivity options which can be trafficked 30mins after installation. StreetPrintXD has internationally tested and proven durability, is road safe, and offers the long term economic and maintenance advantages of a standardised pavement type for new construction & project efficiency and convenience for retrofitting to existing infrastructure.