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Decorative pavement surface treatments

Distinguish your development, commercial property or public space with decorative asphalt treatments from Creative Pavement Surfaces. Our colour coatings, patterned textures and designs elevate any asphalt surface from merely functional to truly impactful.

To achieve the desired visual impact - see our Gallery for examples - Creative Pavement Surfaces uses a range of imprint and colour techniques.

We use StreetBondTM for colour, often in combination with StreetPrintTM, which imprints a patterned texture on the asphalt. In heavy-use conditions, we may suggest DuraThermTM, which offers even better durability. DuraThermTM can also be used in combination with StreetPrintTM.

As an additional offer, we can install FlowStoneTM, which is great when you need a durable surface that is also permeable, for instance around tree pits.