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Transform streetscapes with decorative pavements

“Streetscapes are a vital component of the urban fabric.”


Paving doesn’t have to be dull or boring. StreetBond™ is an advanced surface coating system that can make virtually any asphalt, paving or concrete surface look unique and stylish.

You can transform any asphalt surface to something extraordinary by imprinting a pattern on it with Streetprint™ This asphalt imprint technique creates continuous brick, slate, stone or custom patterns over asphalt surfaces at little more than the cost of ordinary asphalt paving.

Bold visual impact is possible even in the most demanding traffic conditions. Duratherm™ thermoplastic decorative asphalt surfacing system is specifically designed to withstand tough traffic conditions. Duratherm™ is ideal to define or enhance shared spaces, or to signal safety risks.

Transform Streetscapes with:


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