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Achieve a high level of noise reduction with Rugosoft®

“New motorway – great for commuters, but not for residents who can’t sleep.”

Rugosoft® reduces pavement noise and provides a high level of skid resistance.

Rugosoft® is an asphalt wearing course which has been developed by COLAS (Asphalt Supply Company Ltd parent company) to reduce tyre noise. This is achieved by using a special <6mm graded aggregate which renders a high level of voids between 20 to 25%.

The use of a modified binder ensures cohesion of the mix and prevents stripping under traffic. This provides a long-lasting low noise surfacing under heavy traffic.

  • Achieve a roadside measurement of 70.7dB (A) at 90kms.

Sustainable product options under development.

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Partner opportunities are available for laydown trials as this product is introduced to the Australasian market.

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