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The Contractors Conference

Wellington 29 – 30 July 2021

ASCO Asphalt has a range of innovative products that will assist the transformation of the roading and infrastructure sector on the ‘road’ towards increased sustainability.

Key conference themes examine:

  • Key industry trends and knowledge
  • Business leadership and succession planning
  • New services, tools and technologies from industry suppliers
  • Responding to the government’s ‘Green’ agenda.

In association with parent company COLAS, ASCO Asphalt has a range of asphalt products, and new technologies and processes to recycle materials (focused on carbon reduction through innovation).

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Our team will be at Stall 11 during the conference.

Our technical sales team will be happy to answer any questions on our products, assist you with your civil contracting needs. Contact us at:


As a leading global provider of Sustainable Pavement Solutions COLAS is recognised as the fifth largest recycler in the world and through innovation and in line with the Paris Agreement COLAS has made a strategic commitment to decarbonise all business activities by 30%.