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Standard and enhanced asphalt mixes

Asco’s asphalt mixes are often enhanced by the addition of special ingredients to improve performance. Most of these are manufactured using recycled materials, so the environmental benefit is manifold: pavement lasts longer, waste products are being reused, demand for new raw material is reduced.

Much of the asphalt we produce contains a sizeable percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). So, the end-of-life asphalt we mill from existing pavement, is treated and regraded and put to use again.


MacRebur’s® products are made from 100% waste materials and are used to replace part of the bitumen in any asphalt mix. It boosts the structural strength of heavy duty pavements, e.g. at ports, airports and arterial roads. Asphalt containing, MacRebur has a huge increase in tensile strength, improved rheology, better cohesion and adhesion, vastly improved resistance to deformation and rutting, and fewer failures due to cracking and fatigue.


Delta S is a sustainably produced warm-mix additive and asphalt rejuvenator that delivers effective remediation of reclaimed asphalt. It allows us to use more RAP in asphalt mixes, while delivering comparable performance to virgin asphalt.

We supply asphalt in different grades to suit your purpose.

Our insulated trucks ensure we can deliver piping hot asphalt even many hours away from our manufacturing plant.

We process reclaimed asphalt for greater sustainability.