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Asphalt manufacture and delivery

Asco manufactures a range of coldmix, hotmix and enhanced asphalt mixes from our plant in Wiri, Auckland. Asco has the capacity to deliver the quantities of asphalt products you need for your commercial, subdivision or public space project.

Asco’s asphalt products include DG7, DG10, AC14 and AC20, as well as Plantmix, Coldmix and CAT60 and CAT70 emulsion. And we can supply any quantity, from a little as three tonnes to hundreds of tonnes. Our plant produces 100 tonnes per hour, with silos giving us 150 tonnes hot storage capacity.

As an independent supplier, we offer contractors and project managers:

  • all-day asphalt supply and pick-up
  • flexible batch lots
  • delivery to site if required.

All our asphalt products are manufactured to the standards of the NZ Asphalt Plant Accreditation Scheme. Our product quality is verified through established relationships with Opus International, Road Science, Auckland University and Advanced Asphalt Technologies Ltd NZ, who provide specialist independent asphalt technical backup, services and quality control.