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Asphalt microsurfacing to extend pavement life

Asco applies asphalt microsurfacing to improve existing asphalt surfaces that are showing early signs of ageing and wear. It restores grip and weathertightness, and repairs minor cracks.

Microsurfacing is a mixture of polymerized bitumen emulsion, specially graded fine aggregates, cement, water and necessary additives, mixed on-site in a special microsurfacing machine and uniformly spread.

This environment friendly cold-mix application treatment is applied over an existing pavement surface that shows signs of premature ageing, aggregate loss, cracking, high degree of polishing, etc., but which is still is structurally sound.

Microsurfacing is a cost-efficient and quick way to:

  • Seal the surface
  • Provide a new wearing course
  • Remove minor defects such as cracks and dips
  • Provide an even-coloured surface
  • Protect the underlying structure
  • Extend pavement life.

We use specialised mixing and paving machines to achieve fast, even spread of the bitumen, stone and polymer mix over tired asphalt surfaces. It dries quickly and can often take traffic within one hour of application.

Microsurfacing helps in preservation of pavement strength and can be used both for preventive and periodic renewal treatment. Microsurfacing treatments can be expected to last at least seven years when placed on medium to high volume roads.

Microsurfacing provides a thin new wearing course for existing asphalt.

Microsurfacing is applied efficiently and precisely.