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Asphalt experts based in Auckland

Asco Asphalt knows paving through and through. The Auckland-based asphalt manufacturer, construction company and asphalt enhancer provides asphalt products and services to local authorities, contractors, asset managers, consulting engineers, landscape architects and urban designers.

From our base in Auckland, Asco Asphalt offers a suite of four complementary services:

  • Manufacturing asphalt for our own use and for sale. Controlling our own production means we can always have enough hotmix of the suitable grade ready to meet your needs.
  • Constructing asphalt paving to a high quality, including laying basecourse as needed.
  • Installing decorative asphalt and other pavement surfaces in custom colours, designs and patterned textures. This cost-effectively distinguishes and enhances the appearance of asphalt paving.
  • Protecting asphalt for greater durability. This includes adding proven treatments to preserve new asphalt as well as protecting and rejuvenating older asphalt. This generates significant savings on asphalt maintenance.

Our work typically encompasses car parks, subdivisions, road reinstatement, town centre revitalisation and urban renewal.

We work collaboratively with you to deliver your project on time, on budget and to the highest expectations. In everything we do, we are driven by our core values of:

  • dependability
  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • customer satisfaction.

Asco maintains industry best practice standards with personnel management systems, including a comprehensive training plan, SiteSafe accreditation and robust health, safety, environmental and quality management systems.

We welcome opportunity to demonstrate our wide-ranging pavement offering, product performance and competitive pricing.